Follow Along

I have this thing where I love to go through the archives of a blog. I love to go back to the very firsts post a blogger wrote and compare where they started with where they’re at. I love to do it because it makes me feel like less of a loser.

Although this version of my blog has only been up since earlier this year, From Tuesday With Love has been through a long and sordid evolution. It’s been renamed, re-branded, and rejected. It’s been moved around and deleted and put back up again. Even now its taking lots of twists and turns that I’m not so sure about. But, I guess that’s kind of the fun of blogging, right? I mean, it is MY blog, and I can pretty much do whatever I darn well please! . . . Right???

Nevertheless, I would like to finally get into a stride. I just don’t know how or when that’s gonna happen. Meanwhile, I hope ya’ll will just bear with me. ;)

With love,

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